The Wray Mesa Project

Location Map

Accessibility, Climate, Local Resources, Infrastructure and Physiography

The property can be accessed from either Colorado or Utah. Access from Colorado is via State Highway 90 west out of Naturita, CO for about 30 miles until the highway enters Utah and becomes Utah State Highway 46. Travel another 3 miles until a San Juan County road labeled “Wray Mesa” enters on the south, or left. Access from Utah is via the aforementioned Highway 46, which starts at La Sal Junction, and is about 20 miles south on US Highway 191 from Moab, Utah.

Underground mining took place on the Property from the late 1970’s to the late 1980’s. The mine was named the Geo 1 Mine and maps obtained from the last lessee indicate that Pioneer Uravan, a historic area uranium mining company, was active at the mine from about 1977 to 1979. State permitting documents available on the web (http://drmsweblink.state.co.us/drmsweblink/0/doc/485046/Page1.aspx?searchid=09e3afb7-9cf1- 47a9-8d64-f69998cec4df) indicate that Pioneer Uravan received a mining permit in January of 1979 for the Geo 1 Mine.

Geological Setting and Mineralization

Because of the presence of uranium and vanadium in the region, the project area, along with the parts of southwest Colorado and southeast Utah, has been intensively studied by both public and private-sector investigators. Principally leading the public sector workers were geologists of the USGS and of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) during the 1940’s through the 1970’s.


The Team

Matthew Rhoades

VP Exploration and Director

With a BS and MS in Geology and an MBA, Matt Rhoades is an accomplished professional geologist. He has direct working experience with exploration and development projects at numerous deposits and mines throughout the American West, Canada...

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Michael Dehn

President, CEO and Director

Mr. Dehn has over 25 years of experience in the mining industry. As a graduate of the University of Waterloo Michael Dehn worked for Goldcorp for 11 years. During his 11 year tenure with that company Michael played a vital role in Goldcorp’s regional exploration programs ...

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Charn Deol

C.F.O & Director

Charn Deol has earned a M.A. from UBC and a PhD from Columbia State College. Deol also has over 30 years of experience in the financial markets. He has served on both private and public company boards.

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John Read

P. Geo. & Director

33 years of experience in precious metals mining/exploration. Reconnaissance/generative exploration, early- and advanced-stage projects through feasibility, mine-site. Includes positions as project manager.

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Anthony Kovschak

MSc, C.P.G. & Director

Director of Tierra Rara Minerals LLP,which took over Strategic Resources’ property positions. Served on Board of Directors of Strategic Resources, a Canadian Junior, with focus on rare earth exploration in New Mexico...

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Steel hardening tools

Approximately 85% of vanadium produced is used as ferrovanadium or as a steel additive. The considerable increase of strength in steel containing small amounts of vanadium was discovered.

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Solar & wind storage grid power

VRFB’s are the most efficient batteries that have the capability to charge and discharge power simultaneously.

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