Urban Brothers LLC is an international dynamic company.The main profile of the enterprise is the wholesale of copper-containing alloy billets with various processing stages. We manufacture cast copper, bronze and brass products according to customers’ drawings. We work with bothstandard and rare alloys.Our company has established contacts and information on the production programs of a large number of foreign manufacturers. Therefore, our offer is relevant both for specific products and for rolled metal products with increased requirements for characteristics: electrical conductivity, chemical composition, mechanical properties, surface quality, and geometric tolerances. This rolled metal product fully complies with international standards (EN, DIN, ASTM, etc.), which is often necessary for supplies under foreign contracts.

We pay maximum attention to each client, satisfying all his requests and requirements with the highest quality. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our service and the flexible system of discounts that exist for regular customers.

We also provide various forms of payment and financial guarantees, depending on the capabilities and wishes of our clients.Competent resource planning, strict control at every stage of the project and close cooperation with the customer’s representatives guarantee that the customer will receive a high-quality result within a clearly defined time frame.


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